A heinous murder. An English country house locked from within. Nine possible suspects inside. Now is your chance to play detective in this spellbinding whodunit! Catch the killer by unveiling the shocking tale of betrayal, jealousy, insanity and bloodshed that lies beneath the surface of a “proper” Victorian family.

The Victorian Murder Mystery Room is a cross between an escape room and a murder mystery event. Just like in a regular escape room, there is a series of puzzles to solve, codes to break, and secret compartments to discover, but you are also uncovering clues to the mystery all along the way. Once you’ve assembled all the clues, you get to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery using your prodigious powers of deduction. Will you catch the killer before your time runs out?

Group size: 6 Recommended (8 Allowed)

What to know: This room is not at all scary, but it is challenging! Players should be able to stand, bend over and read (don’t forget your glasses!). Not recommended for children (due to difficulty), but youth 8 and up allowed with adults. The 2-hour deluxe version has a BYOB option.

SHOULD I BOOK THE STANDARD OR DELUXE VERSION? If you are all about the puzzles and are looking for a more “typical” room escape experience, the standard 1-hour version is your best option. But if you like mysteries, the 2-hour deluxe version will give you more in-depth clues and the extra time to really dig in and flex your detective muscles. You will have the whole second hour to speculate, theorize, hypothesize, discuss, deliberate, and debate! This is an entirely different experience from the first hour, not just “more of the same” and it’s a great chance to interact with your group (whether you came together or not). Players who have done the deluxe room always say they’re glad they did!

And don’t forget, if you book the entire room for the deluxe edition, you can bring your own refreshments for an even more festive evening! Contact us if you would like to play the deluxe version at a time not listed on the website.

STANDARD – $30 per person

DELUXE* – $60 add-on (regardless of number of people)



In THE GANGSTER’S TREASURE, our “room in a box,” a large steamer trunk contains everything you need to find the immense fortune stashed away by the notorious Prohibition-era mobster, Dutch Schultz, before his untimely death in 1935.

Can you follow the clues to solve the mystery that has stumped treasure hunters for over 80 years?

What to know: This game is PORTABLE and can be taken off site for corporate events for an additional fee. It can also be played on site, including at the same time as the Victorian Murder Mystery Room (enabling groups of up to 16 to play at once). This game is also perfect for anyone with limited mobility and/or difficulty standing for long periods.

Group size: Up to 8; MINIMUM of 4

Price – $30 per person (onsite)




You wake up in a motel room with complete amnesia. There is a dead body on the floor—murdered. You have one hour to figure out who you are, what happened, and what to do to make it out of Blackout Motel alive.

This is more of an immersive mystery/adventure room than a standard puzzle room. The clues are things you might find in real life and the ending is interactive and unscripted. Where it goes is up to you!

Group size: Up to 4